Who we are

Affimedix, a growing Global Medical Device company with its headquarter in Silicon Valley of California, focuses on R & D, product design, development, manufacturing and marketing of its “Proprietary” Point-Of-Care, ELISA and CLIA Diagnostic Tests.

Affimedix has developed World’s FIRST Rapid “Quantitative” Whole Blood Vitamin D Test: RapiD based on its Patented “Sandwich” assay technology. RapiD is a Revolutionary Point-of-Care Companion Diagnostic (CDx) / Screening Test for total Vitamin D levels from just 10µl of finger prick blood in 15 minutes. Based on our “Proprietary” Technology, we have developed POC Tests for Vitamin B12, Testosterone and Cortisol.

Affimedix has also developed World’s FIRST “Sandwich” ELISA and CLIA Tests for 25-OH Vitamin D: MicrO-D™ and CHEMI-D™ with fastest turnaround time.

We are devoted to developing Companion Diagnostics (CDx) using advanced Antibody Engineering Technologies for Pharmaceutical / Biotech Companies working on Personalized Medicines. We have an extensive knowledge, experience, expertise and specialization in construction of Phage Display Libraries. This technology provides unique advantages of being able to identify and develop rare Recombinant Antibodies of diagnostic and therapeutic value.

Affimedix’s objective is to continually research, develop, manufacture and become a preeminent international supplier of innovative and World Class Point-of-Care diagnostics and Homogeneous Immunoassays using leading-edge technologies. We constantly strive to improve the quality of human healthcare by simplifying the Diagnostic Decisions and advancing the practice of laboratory medicine globally.

Our Vision:

Better Health & Wellness for All.

Our Mission:

Discover, Develop and Deliver Revolutionary Point-of-Care Diagnostics Worldwide.